Oregon Salvage Yards

Welcome to, your one-stop shop for finding auto parts and salvage yards. Our extensive databases list hundreds of auto recyclers and thousands of auto parts available in Oregon, California, Washington, and Idaho.

In any economic climate, but especially in tough times, it’s important to save money on big purchases. Auto dealerships are notorious for charging high fees for new parts – but who needs new parts? After all, after a car has been driven just once, all of its parts are technically used! links customers to great deals on used car parts. We search from the coast to the mountains to the eastern desert auto yards and beyond state lines. If your car part is for sale on eBay, we’ll tell you that, too.

Modern auto wreckers

Auto wrecking shops, recyclers, and salvage yards are sometimes imagined to be massive, disorganized heaps of metal. However, modern auto wrecking companies are highly organized. When a popular vehicle arrives at the wrecking yard, it's immediately dismantled so that parts can be warehoused and made readily available to customers. Thus, auto wreckers with their organized inventories have become just as convenient as retail shops – but the recyclers offer substantial discounts.

Finding a spare auto part

To locate a part for your car or truck in our database, just enter your vehicle’s year, make, and model and the desired auto part. One click will return results from auto recyclers across Oregon and neighboring states. Thanks to the government's recent Cash for Clunkers program, hundreds of thousands of vehicles have boosted salvage yard inventories. Whether your car is foreign or domestic, late-model or older, our database most likely has a match.

Once you’ve located a dealer who has your part on hand, you can contact them to ask questions about the part and verify their return policy. Then choose between picking up the item or having it shipped.

Finding Oregon auto wreckers and recyclers

Sometimes, you might prefer to purchase a part locally. One advantage of finding a salvaged auto in your own city is the “you pull it” option. That is, some wrecking yards will charge even less for a part if you remove it from the vehicle yourself.

To find salvage shops in your area, see our list of Oregon city links. Each link will take you to a list of names, addresses, and phone numbers of local auto salvage yards. It’s advisable to call ahead for parts availability. When you call, be sure to have your car’s year and model on hand.

Tips for purchasing used parts

Make sure that the shop’s return policy fits your needs. You should be permitted to try a part before agreeing to keep it.

Learn the history of the auto part. In some cases, such as sunroof glass, this is irrelevant. However, for car parts such as engines it’s important to know maintenance history and whether the part was involved in an accident. For expensive items, insist on seeing a vehicle history report.

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